5 Ways to (T)upcycle your Tupperware

At Primal Nosh, our meals are delivered with the mission of satisfying your cravings while helping you reach your health goals conveniently. 

To help make your week a little bit easier, we pre-package your meals in reusable containers. 

But if you order weekly, you’re bound to have collected an influx of spare boxes and lids. You know, the ones stained red from our house-made marinara sauce or those you simply couldn’t make room for in the cabinet. 

We’ve got some creative DIY ways to (t)up-cycle those old tupperware containers

1. Organize that junk drawer

No matter how neat, organized, or put-together you may be, everyone could use a little extra storage! Try using containers to organize all those pins, chapsticks, batteries and other small items that never seem to have a place.


2. Fashion the container into a case for cameras or other small tech

The hard shell provides protection and a splash-proof seal. Perfect for outdoor adventures and vacation planning!

3. Reuse as a bathtub or bird feeder

Just hang your old tupperware bowl from a sturdy string or rope, secure onto a tree, and voila! You can fill it up with bird feed or water to bring some beautiful wildlife to your backyard. 


4. Put together a first aid kit

Whether you’re a parent of a rambunctious kid or eager to climb that tree yourself on your next adventure, first aid kits come in handy. Fill up your old tupperware with plasters, bandages, and creams to store in your house and car. Better safe than sorry!


5. Create a chic planter

Just wrap some cute rope/string around your tupperware until it is completely covered and secured with hot glue. Next, add some soil and seeds and before you know it- your old tupperware is some trendy home decor!


Order today and let us take care of meal prep this week so you can spend time doing more important things (like upcycling!). 


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