Cullen's Unconventional Motivation Advice for the Holidays

It’s winter here again in northwest Florida (at least for the next few days…) and by some coincidence our beds have adapted to become softer, more snuggly, and extra warm in the morning. For those of you like myself who prefer to workout in the morning but sometimes finding it difficult, here are a few ideas I’ve been using to stay motivated and on schedule.

  • Set 2 alarms. If you want to be up at 5am set a second alarm between 4:30 and 4:45. Lay awake during this time and allow yourself to enjoy the comfort of your bed before the second alarm goes off. If you happen to fall back asleep, no problem. You’ll likely drift into a REM cycle (your lightest sleep) and wake up much more alert when the second alarm goes off.
  • If you don't normally wear cloths in bed, try wearing some socks. Waking with warm feet should help keep your body from wanting to stay in bed. Plus you’ll be one step closer to getting your running shoes on!
  • Write down your next days workout on your forearm. When you wake up you’ll almost surely see it written on your arm and this may help motivate you to get out of bed. I do this almost daily as a personal reminder and motivator.
  • Watch a motivating workout video before bed so you can get totally hyped for your morning workout. Frank Medrano’s superhuman video gets me everytime. I can’t watch it without wanting to go bust out 300 pull-ups.
  • Use a buddy system. Get some friends together to workout with, either in your neighborhood or in a gym. Even if you don't workout together, having that phone call might make all the difference.
  • Sleep on the floor (joking).
  • Put rocks in your pillowcase (not joking…or am I?).

For the lucky ones out there with flexible enough schedules, your solution is easy; this post is not for you. Enjoy your bed, workout in the afternoon.

How do you stay motivated? Leave a comment letting us know. Your motivations might be the cure for another’s frustrations.

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