Don’t Derail Your Diet During the Holidays

Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

Good choices in eating and a positive mindset are lifelong habits in your effort to stay healthy. You’ve worked hard all year long to stay healthy. Don’t let a few weeks around the holidays derail your hard work. A little preparation goes a long way. Take our tips below to arm yourself mentally and physically to keep on track this holiday season.

Here are 10 Ideas to Help you Stay Healthy this Holiday Season.

1. Stock Up on Healthy Choices

One of the most common downfalls to healthy eating is running low on good choices. It’s easy to fall prey to sugary sweets, prepackaged, high sodium snacks and fast food when the choices for better alternatives are slim. Combat this by staying stocked up with healthy choices you enjoy. Short on time? Use a grocery pick up or delivery service, buy in bulk when it makes sense and spend a few minutes a day pre-slicing whole veggies for your go-to healthy snacks.

2. Boost your Water Intake

Staying hydrated helps you feel full. It’s also great for skin, brain function and energy. Because winter brings colder days over the heat of summer it’s natural for water intake to take a dip. But, stick to your 64+ ounces of water per day to ward off hunger pangs. Jazz up plain water with these yummy paleo infusions.

3. Keep Hunger at Bay

Hanger is real. When we are hungry it triggers our parasympathetic nervous system and we literally go into hunter mode. Blood sugar fluctuates. Cravings kick in. Mood suffers. Our bodies crave equilibrium and a grab of the closest item nearby gets us there. Stay ahead of hunger and temptation. Eat something small that fits your healthy choices every 2-3 hours. This simple change keeps blood sugar even throughout the day.

4. Remember Hot Spots

Keep your refrigerator and pantry stocked with good choices for a great first step. But in today’s society, all of us are on-the-go. Remember the car, office, backpack and purse. Stash non-perishable, whole food snacks like made-at-home kale chips or pumpkin seeds in these areas so you don’t find yourself tempted and unarmed.

5. Pre-make Healthy Treats

Cookies, cakes and pies -oh my! One of the toughest parts of withstanding holiday season temptation is the sugary sweets. However, there are better choices that help to fuel your body with the same sweet fix. Many are no-bake or take little time in the oven. Check out these recipes for ideas.

6. Let Everyone Know

Let the people who care about you know you’ll be trying your best to keep a healthy eating plan. They’ve likely seen the positive changes in you already so their added support around temptation will be easy.

7. Utilize an App

Keeping a food journal is a great way to see in black and white what’s gone into your body. With today’s tech, pen and pad are easily replaced with simple apps to track your intake. Many are eating plan specific to tailor to keto, Whole30 and more.

8. Potluck? Take a Dish you Love

If a holiday dinner is a potluck, commit to taking a dish you savor that fits your healthy eating plan.

9. Use a Smaller Plate & Watch Portions

Once at the holiday meal use a smaller dinner plate and stay attuned with portion sizes. Most people overestimate healthy portion sizes greatly.

10. Eat More Slowly

Take time to savor your food. Eating slowly is best for digestion and helps to feel fuller more quickly. Drink water often in between bites, too.

Remember, holiday meals are as much about the company as the food. A healthy mindset going into the season and positive self-talk on all of your hard work will do wonders to sail through temptation into 2019.

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