Experiment to Feel Your Best

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a one size fits all diet and exercise plan? A plan that helped everyone get as fit and – most importantly – feel as good as they wanted to? A big part of the problem with many diets these days is that they are not one size fits all but people treat them like they are. Methods will work for some people and not for others. Some people can see results by making a few simple changes while others have to make more drastic changes. Some people feel fine eating certain (even healthy) foods while those same foods make someone else feel terrible.

When I was in my first trimester with Wyatt I started eating these peanut butter stuffed pretzels I found at the grocery store - yep, we indulge sometimes too! I got this small itchy patch on my leg that stuck around until I quit eating those pretzels. Just to test, I started eating them again and the patch came back, and again, once I stopped it went away. Now, this could have been due to something completely unrelated to the pretzels but I’m almost positive they were the culprit. Either way, I won’t be eating them again.

Sometimes we experience things with our bodies that we assume is normal or have experienced for so long that we don’t pay much attention to them anymore. Some of it is small stuff, a dry patch of skin, an itch, occasional headaches, a little bloating, some fuzzy headedness, and some of it is more serious stuff. Do you experience anything that you think maybe you shouldn’t? If you do and you have not already begun to clean up your diet, I would start there. If you have already cleaned up your eating habits but still have some funky symptoms, try experimenting! One of the best things I’ve tried and the number one thing I recommend to people is to do a Whole30 and see how you feel after.  Slowly add things back in once you’ve finished to see how certain foods make you feel. If you aren’t ready to jump full-fledged into a Whole30, try cutting out certain known irritants such as gluten, dairy, or nightshades. Remember, when you cut these things out the changes won’t happen overnight, you have to give it some time. 

Since becoming pregnant and now a new mom I have let my eating slip a little and I can tell! I’m not quite ready to go full on Whole30 but I am experimenting with cutting gluten to see how I feel. When I cut things out of my diet I always feel like I’m missing out and often that is the reasoning for not eating as healthy as one should. I hear so many people say, “I only live once so I might as well eat what I want.” True, but wouldn’t you also want to feel as good as possible for your one life? Even for someone like me, who KNOWS how good I feel when I’m strict about the things I don’t eat, I struggle with not caring about how I feel and wanting to indulge anyway. This is another reason I say experiment! Set a goal of 1 – 2 months and let yourself know that you can have some of whatever you gave up at the end of your experiment if you really still want it. You may find that you don’t want it or when you do have it you may realize that this was what was making you feel bad. You might decide that even if a certain food makes you feel bad, you don’t care, you’re eating it anyway and that’s fine too but at least give yourself an honest chance. If you experiment with one food and don’t notice changes, try another. You may have to try cutting a few different things at the same time, this is where a Whole30 is really great!

Always remember: Before making any drastic changes to your diet, especially if you have a serious medical issue, to consult with your doctor.

Watch out for a later post on experimenting for fat loss!

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