Testimonials from Primal Moms

For busy parents, sometimes it’s difficult to just get food on the table at the end of a long day--let alone a nutritious meal.

We asked #PrimalMoms why they love our meal delivery service.

The consensus? Choosing Primal Nosh takes the stress of their shoulders.

Just pop our healthy, chef-prepared dishes in the microwave, and take some time to enjoy the things that are really important. 


"I am a wife, a mom of two young children and a CEO of a marketing agency. I make 2 meals a day for 4 people. That’s 40 meals per week and that’s not including weekends!
I found Primal Nosh in a time where my workload was accelerating. It has substantially changed our eating habits and our lives. What I love most about Primal Nosh is that I can utilize the fresh veggies with every meal for sides for the kids and the primal meals are almost large enough for my husband and me to split! 
The best part? I don’t even have to order groceries, pick up a pan or search takeout options. There is variety, healthy options and so much flavor. If you are a working mom on the hunt for more hours in the day, try Primal Nosh. You’ll be glad you did!"
- Briana Snellgrove, Mom of Madeline (4) and Deacon (1). 



"I have been ordering from Primal Nosh for over a year! My husband and I are both busy entrepreneurs and we have two kids. We both want to eat healthy, but struggle to find the time to meal prep. That’s why we love Primal Nosh!

We get paleo/primal style meals delivered to our house each week that are delicious and locally sourced! Before ordering Primal, I would put myself on the back burner and only focus on making sure the kids had good lunches and dinners. Now, this busy mom gets to have amazing meals too!" 

- Jordan Engish, Mom of Avery (7) and Ben (1). 


"Primal Nosh saves me time and money. As a mom of a picky three-year-old, it's so nice to be able to have clean, healthy meals delivered that all of us can eat. It saves me hours of Sunday meal prep so I can spend time with her instead."
- Alyssa Brandberry.


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