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Today I want to talk a little bit about starting your day off right. Whether you are a healthy eating veteran or just starting to get on track, sticking to a clean, wholesome diet can be challenging. There are so many temptations out there, cravings can get the best of anyone, and if you are doing all of your own prepping, it can be very time to consuming. 

If you find getting through the day completely sticking to your clean diet a little tough at times I recommend taking it one meal at a time. It starts with breakfast.

Back in my counseling days when I was helping people get their diets on track I always recommended taking it one meal at a time and making sure, at the very least, they got in a solid, wholesome breakfast. Being the first meal of the day you are less likely to be tempted by cravings or the hecticness of life.

If you're yelling back at me a saying "My mornings are hectic! Kids and school and work and..." I know, but scrambling up some eggs with veggies takes less than 10 minutes. If there is a will, there is a way, even if you have to get up 10 minutes earlier, if it's important to you, you can do it! Breakfast prep can also be the easiest and least time consuming so if you need to, breakfast can be prepped one day of the week for the rest of the week. 

I recommend trying to get a full serving of vegetables (or berries, but preferably vegetables) with your breakfast if you can. My favorite way of doing this is mixing a bunch of chopped veggies into my eggs. Quick, easy, healthy, filling and, if the rest of the day goes to crap, at least I got in one solid serving of veggies. 

If you need a fast breakfast, pre-prep by loading up a bunch of chopped vegetables into a large baking pan, add scrambled eggs, cover with foil, and bake at 350 until cooked through. Cut and reheat a slice each day, breakfast is ready in 2 minutes each morning and you can eat on the go!

If eggs aren't your thing, I also like making a potato (can omit for low carb), sausage, and vegetable hash. This is easy, fast and saves great for the rest of the week!

Be sure to cover all of your bases for breakfast, protein, vegetables, healthy fats, and, if you're not avoiding them, a carbohydrate source. If you tend to have mid-day crashes or are trying to lose weight, you might want to try to avoid a carb-heavy breakfast, make sure you're getting plenty of protein and healthy fats too!

If you have any fast and easy breakfast recommendations, leave them for us in the comment section!




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