Meet the Face Behind the Food: Chef Chase Gilroy


Every month, Chef Chase Gilroy creates upwards of 4,000 individual meals to be distributed on doorsteps across Northwest Florida and Alabama. 

A seasoned professional, Chase earned his Bachelor of Culinary Management at the Art Institute of Jacksonville in 2012 before returning home to Pensacola to work as a sous-chef at a popular downtown restaurant. 

Four years later, Chase began his journey with Primal Nosh. 

“I'm really proud to work for a company that sources all of its produce and meats from local suppliers,” said Chase. “Rather than using the big chains that most companies are attached at the hip to, we have the freedom to shop around local farmers and local meat providers.” 

Fusing wholesome ingredients sourced from The Farm of Pensacola, The Butcher Shoppe and other local distributors, every meal that leaves the Primal Nosh kitchen is made from scratch. 

“We wash whole vegetables and break down large cuts of grass-fed beef,” said Chase. “We also make 15-17 sauces each week.” 

All of Chef Chase's dishes are created with care and include no preservatives, stabilizers, additives or fillers. 

Chase and the Primal Nosh team have invested countless hours in the kitchen to bring you healthy meals that rival the taste and mouthfeel of their classic versions. 

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