Sausage Breakfast Skillet

I've been eating pretty much the same breakfast for about 4 years now. Eggs with salsa or Franks Red Hot and potatoes. I. LOVE. IT. Buuut, I'm starting an elimination diet that includes eggs (insert sad face), so I had to find other options. I came across a recipe for a sausage and brussles sprouts skillet but since I'm not one for closely following recipes, I took the idea and made my own creation. This was super easy, only took about 5 minutes of prep, and requires only a few kitchen items for prepping and cooking - my kind of meal!

Here's what you need:

  - Large pan with lid, cutting board, knife, spoon or spatula.

  - Two medium sweet potatoes

  - 1 pack (or 5 servings) of preferred sausage - I used an Applegate Brand linked sausage.

  - 5 servings of shaved brussles sprouts (you can buy them shaved or do it yourself but this will take a little more time)

  - Seasonings of choice. I used a little maple syrup (about 3 TBSP) and chipotle (about 1 tsp). Simple yet delicious!

  - 2 TBSP Coconut or Avocado Oil

Here's what to do:

  1. Dice sweet potatoes and, if using a linked sausage, cut your sausage into 1/4 inch pieces. (If using a  ground sausage without casing, you may need to cook your sausage before moving to step two.)

  2. Add oil to large pan over medium heat and add your sweet potatoes. Place a lid over the pan to let steam help with the cooking process. This will help your potatoes cook faster. Check and stir your potatoes every few minutes.

  3. Once potatoes are almost cooked through (about 10-15 minutes, they will be slightly soft but still a little hard in the center), add your seasoning and your sausage. I sprinkled a generous amount of chipotle and about 3 TBSP of maple syrup. Stir well and put your lid back on to let potatoes finish cooking and to let the sausage brown.

  4. Once your potatoes are cooked through and sausage is browned (about another 5-10 minutes) add the shaved brussles sprouts and mix well. That's it!!

*Since this is breakfast prep for the week, I wasn't too worried about cooking the brussels sprouts all the way through. I will be reheating either on the stove or in the microwave which will further cook them and I prefer a little crunch to my sprout. If you're in a time crunch and you bought precooked sausage, you could just cook your potatoes then mix everything else together without any further cooking until you were ready to eat. I like the added flavor the sausage brings when mixed in while cooking, and it only gets better as it waits for you in the fridge for breakfast each morning!

If you want to add a little more to the dish, feel free to add some extra veggies or meats, although, it is delicious as it is!





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