Start Strong, Shop Local: Support Local Small Businesses in 2021!

Start Strong, Shop Local: Support Local Small Businesses in 2021!

As a local business ourselves, we are always looking for reasons and ways to support our local community. It’s high time we share a few!

Obviously, we’re big proponents of shopping local. That’s why we decided to make it even easier for you. We’ve partnered with Big Jerk Soda and Mrs. Jones Coffee to deliver your favorite local food and drinks straight to your door! It’s never been simpler or more convenient to shop local.

But why is shopping local so important? And why is it the right call for you? We’re glad you asked, we’ve got a list!

    • You deserve to be greeted by a friendly face! Lean into shopping with a local staff and enjoy that warm welcome. What’s more, placing a face to a brand is a great way to connect with members of your community, and to take ownership of its growth and diversity!
    • Successful businesses lead to new jobs, and new jobs mean hiring more local talent. According to the SBA’s Office of Advocacy, “small businesses accounted for 61.8% of net new jobs from the first quarter of 1993 until the third quarter of 2016.”
    • What’s more, studies show that small businesses spend more money in their local economy. One study found that for every $100 spent at a small business, $68-$73 stays in the local community (compared to $43 from retail big-box or chain stores.) 
    • The environmental impact of supporting local brands instead of corporations is HUGE. Shopping locally helps cut down on processing and packaging waste, and transportation carbon emissions, which means less environmental pollution. 
    • Small businesses are on the front lines of combating waste - reusable bags, renewable energy, recyclable packaging, and reduced reliance on disposables and consumables. Of local makers surveyed, 59.3% said they ‘Occasionally or Usually Do’ use recycled/renewable materials, and 7% said they ‘Always Do.’
    • Does someone in your life need a gift? You could go to the department store and find something for them - and hope they don’t already have it. Let’s face it - gift-giving is harder when everyone and their mother shops at the same stores. But that little handmade craft from the local boutique? One of a kind, totally unique, trendsetting, made just for you! 

    That’s the why, but now let’s talk about the how. Here’s a few tips to Shop Local like a pro!

        • Who knows the best places in town? The Locals - and you’re one of them! Share a positive Yelp review about your new favorite Nosh meal. Join local online groups to share recommendations for your favorite Primal Nosh meals, and to track deals. 
        • Don’t forget to ask your ‘IRL’ friends and family about their favorite local shops and restaurants, too - you might just find a new favorite!
        • We’re right there with you - the pandemic hasn’t exactly been easy on our wallets, either. The good news? You can support Primal Nosh and other local businesses like us—FOR FREE!—simply by engaging with our social media content! 
          • Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and ‘like’ our posts! 
          • Subscribe to our YouTube channel!
          • Tag your friends, tag your family, tag us in your #Instafood posts!
          • Comment which meals you ordered this week and are excited to try (FYI, this also helps us know which meals to keep in rotation!)
          • Share our posts to your own personal Timeline and Stories and live a little of that #influencer life!
          • Connect with us on LinkedIn - yes, that LinkedIn! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a fellow small business owner, or just a fan of our food - we love building connections with fellow Pensacolians.
        • A major benefit of shopping local instead of big box stores? The friendly approachable nature of staff! Take advantage of that good old Southern hospitality. Whether in person or through virtual means, try and find out more about the people behind your favorite local brands. Are they coming out with new products you might want to try? Are they hiring for a position, either perfect for you or for someone you might know? Only one way to find out - you never know what kind of connections you might make.
      • Some of you may want to shop local, but aren’t exactly comfortable walking into a physical shop right now (we don’t blame you.) Have no fear! You can shop local from your living room by ordering takeout from your favorite restaurants, purchasing merch online, or ordering a gift card. Call your favorite retail stores, too - many of them are offering curbside pickup! 
      • In Primal Nosh’s case, delivery is the name of our game. Place your order for Primal Nosh, Mrs. Jones Coffee, and Big Jerk Soda before 9:00 PM on Thursdays, for delivery on Sundays straight to your front door!

    Whether you’re looking to invest in community businesses, or simply find new experiences: Start Strong, Shop Local in 2021!

    Click over to our menu to start today! 

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