The Holidays Find You Indulging? Try a Paleo Restart!


Launching a Paleo Restart

It’s that time of year. If a paleo restart is in your 2019 resolutions, we have tips for you. Most people look to reboot one or more areas of life for the new year. If clean eating is yours, Primal Nosh has 4 ways to launch a paleo restart. Maybe your 2018 paleo efforts went well. Only to derail with the approach of Turkey Day. But, keep a few things in mind. One of the beauties of a paleo restart is how simple it is to begin again. Today, paleo diets have evolved to offer a version that fits almost any lifestyle. Finally, a paleo restart will bring quick results, too.

Tip #1: Find Your Motivation

Why Paleo? No, why Paleo for you? People choose a paleo lifestyle for many reasons. Connect with your motivation with absolute clarity. Then, you will be more likely to make it a lasting change.

Some of the reasons that draw people to paleo are the following:

  • Gut issues: If you have food sensitivities that rule your life, a paleo lifestyle can bring significant changes. Two conditions likely to prompt paleo are irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s Disease.
  • Sleep problems: Not enough. Too much. Finding the perfect balance of shut eye is tough. It’s very individual, too. But, if your daily quality of life suffers as a result of poor sleep quality or quantity then introducing paleo is a huge help. Why? Sleep issues are greatly tied to our diets. When the quality of our intake is inadequate for our individual needs, our sleep suffers. With that, when our sleep suffers we make poor dietary choices that don’t align with our needs.
  • Stubborn weight: Closely linked to sleep, making simple switches to paleo choices puts your body and system in sync with its natural ability to shed unwanted pounds. This is especially true for carb or gluten-sensitive individuals.
  • Lack of energy and stamina: People who live by some version of a paleo lifestyle experience report having much more energy and stamina than they did on their previous intake. Much of this has to do with blood sugar regulation. With that, feeling full for longer periods through consuming whole foods prevents those energy dips.

Tip #2: Plan Ahead

Now that you’ve found what drives you to a paleo restart, get planning. Stock your pantry and refrigerator with essentials for meals and snacks. Remember the car, backpack and gym bag, too. Paleo gives plenty of good, whole choices to fit every taste. But, the trick is to stay ahead of running out of what you need. Primal Nosh is ready to meet your meal needs! For in between meals, utilize a shopping app or delivery service like Amazon Pantry or Publix delivery. It’s worth the investment to keep your health on track.

Tip #3: Create a Positive Mindset

Creating and keeping your positive mindset is one way to make your changes stick. It doesn’t begin and end inside your own head. Let the ones closest to you know your intentions. Surround yourself (as much as possible) with like-minded people. Put social media to constructive use by joining paleo Facebook groups for support and following Instagram influencers in the paleo space. You’ll get yummy ideas for recipes and these inbound messages will fuel your efforts.

Tip #4: Set Your Guidelines

Paleo diets have branched into many versions. Make it your own. Paleo now has several versions. You can set your guidelines based on what you need. Here’s a review of paleo choices today:

  • Strict/Normal Paleo: Strict paleo diets allow red meat, chicken and fish. Along with fruit, veggies and some nuts in moderation. You have a plethora of choices to stay satisfied.
  • Primal Paleo: A slight variation of Normal/Strict Paleo, Primal Paleo gives you a little more wiggle room with the list of foods. No artificial sweeteners or gluten.
  • Food Sensitivity/Autoimmune: These diets follow Normal Paleo with customization based on individual sensitivities to certain foods or additives. In addition, some people have higher inflammatory responses to certain foods. Autoimmune Paleo is a good choice for those suffers.
  • Keto/Paleo: The principle behind the Ketogenic Paleo plan is that by significantly reducing carb intake, you prompt a state of ketosis (fat-burning) and keep your body there. This plan brings about rapid weight loss. Closely monitor your macro/micro intake, however, to make sure you are not getting too much protein.

Use these Primal Nosh tips to launch your 2019 #paleorestart and let us know how it goes! Leave your comments below, recipes and tips.

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