Three Things to Improve Your Health - Part 1 of 4

Are you trying to lose weight (or just be generally healthier)? There are THREE important things to focus on. And the first two AREN’T eat right and exercise. And these things won’t cost you an arm and a leg, in fact, they are virtually free.

For years we’ve been told if we want to lose weight/be healthy all that needs to happen is we need to eat less and exercise more. Well plenty of you know it’s just not that simple. Instead, there are a few things that we know to be key players in weight loss. While exercise is important, it is not the biggest game changer and although eating healthy is also important, you can still follow a healthy diet but have trouble losing weight. Instead, try focusing on these three things:

1. Prevent large insulin spikes.
2. Get enough high quality sleep.
3. Manage stress.

Over the course of my next few blog posts I’ll break all three down with more info and tips. Be on the lookout!

 - Dianne
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