Tips for Making it Stick!

It's almost the weekend! Actually, it's our Monday. But for the rest of you, I hope you have some exciting, or relaxing, plans ahead! It's almost also the New Year, you know what that means, resolution time!

We posted a poll recently on our Facebook page asking whether it was harder for you to maintain a healthy diet or a regular exercise regimen. Most people said they had a harder time with diet (we feel your pain!). I'm going to offer a few tips and tricks to help you work on BOTH!


I can't stress how important this is. I guarantee if you change your thinking from "I probably should start eating better" to "I am going to start eating better and this is how I'm going to do it..." or from "I should get back to the gym" to "I am going to go back to the gym and I know I can make it work on these days at this time," you will be much better off. I had to go through a mindset shift myself recently. It isn't always easy. Since the birth of Wyatt (almost a year and a half ago now), I have seriously slacked off from exercising and I've also had some super annoying skin issues. What I didn't have was the mindset to completely cut out all the things that could be causing my skin issues or to get back to the gym. I kept making excuses. Finally, I decided I was GOING to make these dietary changes and I was GOING to get back into the gym. 

This brings me to my next tip: TELL FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHAT YOU ARE DOING

When I decided I was going to get back into the gym, instead of keeping that decision to myself, I told my husband. I didn't tell him, "I should get back to the gym, I'm going to try for twice a week." I told him, "I am going to start going back to the gym. I want to go at least 2 day a week at 4 o'clock, Monday's and Wednesdays will be best. I am going to start this Monday" I also told him, "I'm no longer eating any of these foods (insert small list here)." [Side note: You're probably thinking we eat perfect all the time because of what we do here. We don't. We try, but there's life, and bread pudding. While we mostly keep it clean, we do live right next to tacos, which I was eating at least once a week (a.k.a. a lot of corn tortillas)  and I had not completely cut gluten and dairy out of my diet.] Making a final and resolute decision and then letting someone else know is the first step to getting your health on track.


Additional Tips:

  • Find your true motivation. WHY do you want to eat healthier and exercise? How important are these things to you?
  • Make sure you're drinking enough water! Sometimes we feel hungry when actually, we're thirsty. Prevent over eating or snacking by making sure you are staying well hydrated.
  • Schedule gym time, make an appointment with yourself and KEEP it.
  • Schedule time to prep food (or have someone do it for you :) We can help with that!).
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand so you aren't grabbing for the first available food when you get hungry. 
  • If you are going out to eat somewhere that might not have the healthiest options, eat before you go.
  • If going out to eat, plan on what you are going to order before you get there and commit to it (MINDSET!). This way when you get there, especially if you're hungry, you won't be tempted by other, less healthy options.
  • Don't be too over the top to start. If you are just beginning a new healthy diet or exercise regimen, you might want to start slow. Cut out a some of the really bad stuff first, get used to not eating/drinking those things, then continue to clean up. 
  • Clean house. Get anything and everything out that might be tempting. If you have a lot, and you are serious about starting, there are plenty of shelters around that would gladly take unwanted food.


See ya back next time!


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