Tips for Surviving the Holidays (and the rest of the year)

Ah - December! Beautiful lights everywhere, cold(er) weather, holiday decorations, time with family and friends, and tasty treats! I don’t know about you but December is easily one of my favorite months! December is also a month when many people throw their nutrition goals out the window. Workout? No, I’m on vacation! Eat healthy? But someone brought holiday cookies into the office! If you are like many people, the temptation of treats and extra food is high throughout the month of December. Use these tips to help you stay on track when the gatherings are large and the food is plentiful!

  1. Eat your food slowly. If you slow down while eating foods you enjoy, take smaller bites, chew slower, and put down the utensils between bites, you can trick yourself into feeling like you ate more than you actually did.
  1. Don’t completely deprive yourself. Saying “No, no, no” when you really want to eat something may lead to a binge and that’s even worse than enjoying a of couple bites. If there is a treat or item you just can’t do without, allow yourself a small portion, and most importantly, enjoy it slowly!
  1. Stay hydrated and drink a glass of water before each meal. Thirst pains are often mistaken for hunger pains. If you are dehydrated, you are more likely to mistake those pains for hunger and eat more than you need. Also, drinking a glass of water with your meals will help you feel full sooner and help to prevent you from over eating.
  1. Use a smaller plate. If you love filling up your plate, use a smaller plate than usual. It will seem like you are getting a nice full plate of food, and you are! Just a smaller one.
  1. Make sure you aren’t too hungry at the start of a meal. Starting a meal when we feel like we are starving leads to over indulging and eating foods we may not otherwise eat. Ever hear the advice to not go to the grocery store hungry? The same concept applies here. Of course, you want to be a little hungry for your meals but you shouldn’t be ravenous. Have a small snack and hour or two before meals and don’t skip meals on days when you have fancy feasts planned. 

What tricks do you use to keep yourself on track during the holidays, or any other time? Let us know in the comments section!

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