Top 10 Healthy Daily Habits for the New Year

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2019 is quickly approaching. Are your healthy daily habits where they should be? If you’re reading this, healthy eating is a priority. Great job! With that, sleep plays a part. Who and what you surround yourself with matters. Ritual, routines. All of these and more work together to help you be your best. So, pair your positive eating changes with other healthy daily habits to take on the new year.

10 Healthy Daily Habits for the New Year

1. Turn all Screens off 30 Minutes Before Bedtime

There is scientific reasoning behind why screen time and electronic devices enable poor sleep across all ages. A dip in our body’s natural sleep-inducing hormone is caused by the light emitted by cell phones and similar devices. So, make it a 2019 household change to turn all screens off 30 minutes before bedtime.

2. Eat at Least 3 Servings of Veggies per Day

Vegetables supply critical vitamins like B, C, D and E. Protein and fiber, too. Vitamin B is a source of folate. Folate plays a large part in brain functioning and mood. Vitamin C keeps immunity high. Vitamins D and E maintain healthy bone and eye function. With all of these benefits, make it a new healthy daily habit to work in at least 3 servings of veggies per day. Remember, cooking can change the entire flavor of a vegetable. So experiment with these tasty recipes.

3. Start a Morning or Evening (or Both!) Gratitude Practice

Gratitude is a soulful practice that can deeply change your outlook and response to stress. Start a gratitude practice in the morning or evening. Include the kids, too! There are lots of creative ways to implement an atmosphere of gratitude in your home. Use a gratitude journal. Along with the family, cut out images from magazines of things that evoke gratitude. Put them in a “gratitude jar,” and each day choose one randomly and place on a poster board. Finally, every day, simply verbalize your gratitude to one another.

4. Meditate 5-10 Minutes per Day

5-10 minutes can seem like an eternity if meditation is new to you. But even 5 minutes of meditation can reap huge rewards mentally, spiritually and physically. Find a quiet place inside or outside. Set a timer placed in another room for 5 minutes. Over time, increase it to 10 minutes or more. Here’s a quick beginners’ guide.

5. Commit to Reading or Listening to 1 New Book Each Month

For audiobooks, platforms like Amazon Prime and Audible have thousands of selections. The key is surrounding yourself with input (people, books, audio) that are aligned with your goals to help you better achieve them.  

6. Find a Health-Oriented Podcast and Commit to One Episode a Week

If you have an iPhone, there are hundreds of podcasts waiting for you. Find a health-oriented podcast and commit to listening to at least one episode per week. A few we like are those by Ben Greenfield, Model Health Show, Well-Fed Women, School of Greatness and Shrugged Collective.

7. Quit Sugary Drinks

Putting the ax in sugar drinks once and for all is a great daily healthy habit. Sugary drinks are loaded with empty calories. They cause unhealthy blood sugar fluctuations, too. Teeth suffer. Skin suffers. If giving sugary drinks the boot sounds daunting, line up your replacement first. Arm your home and office with flavorful water substitutes.

8. Stop, Drop, and Exercise

There doesn’t have to be a fire to stop, drop and roll...or at least walk. Break up your workday with short bursts of movements. Ideas are a quick walk around the office building. For the more ambitious, try 2 straight minutes of burpees or sprinting. Or do simple squats at your desk for several minutes to get your heart rate up.

9. Begin a Bedtime Routine

Humans are creatures of routine. But, in our hectic society routines have all but become obsolete. A simple bedtime routine will bring comfort and signal a period of rest to your physical and psychological self. Let your routine be yours. But whatever you include, let a few minutes of extended self-care be part of it.

10. Let the Sunshine In. Aim for at Least 5 minutes of Sunshine Immediately Upon Waking

Vitamin D through sunlight is essential for mood and eye health. Get yours first thing in the morning with a little sunshine. This simple change sets in motion natural mood-boosting chemicals to last throughout the day.

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