Try, Try Again

The very first time I started a strict paleo diet I was pretty new to the whole concept. I was still figuring out what I could eat as I went along and my body had some adjustments to make. Before my body adjusted (it took about 2 weeks), I felt* hungry ALL. THE. TIME. My snack options were limited, especially at the time as a waitress. I had to have something quick and that didn’t need to be heated or refrigerated. I turned to almonds and I hated almonds. I hated all nuts except boiled peanuts and those don’t really count. Almonds were the easiest and paleo-est friendly snack I could find and I choked them down until one day I started to love almonds!

It is recommended, when introducing young children to new foods, to offer the new food at least 8 different times before the child will (hopefully) learn to like it. Some stuff like high fat or sugary foods might be accepted on the first try but I’m not talking about those foods. I’m talking about vegetables, sour fruits, and other usually unappealing things. If you offer a child a new food once and they don’t like it, try again – at least 7 more times. It could take this many tries for a child to develop a taste for that item.

Now, I know we are not young children, but there is no reason why we shouldn’t give ourselves the same opportunity to enjoy foods we think we don’t like, especially if it’s been a long time since we’ve given them another try. Over the last few years I’ve come to enjoy, even love, many foods that I thought I didn’t like before. These foods include almonds, cashews, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, onions and asparagus. The enjoyment of these foods took a few more tries but it was well worth it! I literally crave blueberries now and they are so good for us! So now I challenge you to try, try again. Foods you don’t like (or don’t THINK you like), give them a few more tries, try them cooked in a few different ways. If you give it your all and you still can’t pick up a taste for these foods, well at least you tried. But just maybe, you will learn to love something you thought you never could and add a new healthy food to your arsenal.

*Notice I said felt – I probably had some insulin resistance issues that were sorted out once I cut out all the processed sugars and carbohydrates. For a great explanation about insulin resistance, check out this AMAZING Ted Talk --->

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