Good Monday!

I Hope everyone is well rested and well hydrated!

This week we are going to begin practicing meditation. I know, you've heard it a million times before, maybe even tried a few times and thought it wasn't for you. I'm asking you to give it a shot, or one more try, it really is for everyone!

Week 3 Tip: Begin a practicing daily mediation.


Meditation comes with a number of positive health benefits and no risk. One of the main reasons many say to begin meditating is to reduce stress. Maybe you are thinking you don't have a lot of stress, why waste your time? Well, it has also been found to help improve concentration and attention, it can help reduce blood pressure and improve immunity, and it can help reduce depression and anxiety. It has been suggested that it can also help with weight loss through mindfulness training - learning to allow ourselves to let go of negative thoughts and emotion which may lead to overeating or eating when we are not hungry - and by (again) reducing stress which is correlated to increased belly fat.

For more scientific reasoning on why you should meditate, check out this link --->


Now that we've got the why, how about the when? Anytime during the day you have to spend 20 minutes to yourself will do. To start, set aside 20 minutes a day that you will dedicate to meditation. It's only 20 minutes - how much time do you spend on Facebook?? If you have time in the mornings, do it first thing when you wake up while you're waiting on coffee to brew. I prefer doing it right before bed to help quite my mind so I can fall asleep, but if you fall asleep while meditating at night you may want to find another time. After work, on your lunch break, it doesn't matter.


There are many ways you can begin a meditation practice. You can start on your own by sitting down and following your breath or repeating a mantra for a given amount of time. Don't be discouraged if your mind wanders often, this is expected and normal. Just gently bring yourself back to your breath or mantra once you've realized your drifted. You may have to do this 100 times a practice and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you want some guidance, I recommend downloading the app Calm or Headspace. Each will give you at least a 1 week free trial. They will guide you through your meditation and help bring you back when your mind starts to wander. 


So, go out there and get meditating! Try to meditate once a day for the next week. That's all I ask, give it a week and see how you feel. Don't forget to also keep up with your water and your sleep. We're building remember!


Happy Meditating!


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