Hello and Happy Monday!

I'm sorry I missed you last week, our little one arrived before I made a post - the joys of procrastination 🙃. I'm happy to say he is doing wonderful! Anyway, I hope meditation went well and that you're still doing great with the water intake and sleep! This week we are going to talk about breakfast. I know I know, another one you've heard a million times before but, seriously, it's important!

Week 4 Tip: Eat Breakfast Every Morning


There are a number or reasons to eat a healthy breakfast every morning including decreased risk for diabetes, improvement of cognitive function and energy throughout the day, help with weight loss, and breakfast has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease. Eating breakfast helps to regulate your blood glucose throughout the day so you aren't having big crashes in the afternoon or evenings and may help curb those late night snack cravings. 

Aside from all the above, one of my favorite reasons for breakfast is knowing that I will at least have one healthy meal a day. Even if we have food failures for the rest of the day, at least you know you had a fresh start!


Everyone! But especially if you are struggling with weight loss or if you know you tend to make poor food choices as the day goes on (see: my favorite reason).

But I never feel like breakfast/it upsets my stomach..

I've heard this from many non-breakfast eaters. I have a few recommendations for this problem. First, try starting small. If a big breakfast makes you feel not so great, start with something small for a few days then gradually build up to a full sized breakfast. If this doesn't work, try changing what you are eating for breakfast, there are plenty healthy options out there! And if this doesn't work, give yourself a few minutes to wake up before eating or get ready for your day then have breakfast.


My favorite breakfast is sweet potatoes, eggs with salsa and full-fat greek yogurt, and berries! Greek yogurt?? Yep, it tastes like sour cream!

Other Ideas:

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  • Eggs, veggies, and potatoes/sweet potatoes
  • Oats with whole milk, nuts, and berries
  • Greek yogurt* with honey, nuts, and berries
  • Protein shakes
  • More egg ideas->
  • Not a breakfast food fan? That's ok, you don't have to eat breakfast food for it to be breakfast!
  • Try to make a well rounded breakfast with a good source of protein, healthy fats, some fiber, and a carbohydrate (if you're eating carbs).
  • Foods to avoid:

    • Breakfast bars (tons of added sugars)
    • Flavored yogurt or yogurts with fruit already added (sugar)
    • Cereals (sugar)
    • Juices (sugar)
    • Trail mix (you guessed it - sugar!)
    • Pastries/bagels/waffles/pancakes
    • Added creamers and sugars in coffee

    *If you want yogurt, I always recommend plain, full-fat Greek yogurt. Avoid yogurts with flavors or added fruits. If you want fruit in your yogurt, add it in yourself.

    Okay now, remember we are building! So, implement a new breakfast routine, drink plenty of water, set some time aside each day to meditate and get plenty of sleep! I'll  be back next week!





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