Don't Beat Yourself Up Over Mistakes


I hope breakfast went well for everyone! If you've been keeping up with the tips for the past few weeks you should be feeling pretty good - well rested, hydrated, and a little less stressed I hope! If you've tried and failed, or are struggling to keep on track, well this week is the best week for you! This week I am going to talk about forgiving yourself for mistakes we almost all make on our journey to a new us.

Week 5 Tip - Don't Beat Yourself up Over Mistakes

I know very few, if any, people who've started the journey towards a healthier lifestyle and succeeded without a hitch. I know I sure didn't! When I first started getting my lifestyle on track I made the very common mistake of messing up one meal  and deciding that my heathy day was ruined so I might as well eat whatever I wanted for the rest of it. Then I would decide that that day just ruined the whole week so, I'll give up for now and start again next Monday. I would then feel guilty, first about the original mistake, then about the day, then the week and all I was doing was stalling my progress and feeling bad about myself all of the time. This type of thinking and behavior not only stalls us from reaching our goals but, it's not exactly good for our mental health either. 


If you are struggling, plan to start each day anew. If you're really struggling you can even try breaking your days into sections and just focusing on getting through one part of the day at a time. So, for example, break your day into breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner. If you mess up for one meal or snack of the day, don't let it derail you for the rest of the day, just get right back on track for your next meal. Also, don't beat yourself up over mistakes, what you are doing is hard work! We tend to spend more time being angry at ourselves for mistakes than applauding ourselves for the hard work we we put in. So begin by taking it a meal - or a workout, meditation session, you name it - at a time. You will get better as long as you keep working at it just don't let your mistakes discourage you or bump you completely off track.

Now go get some practice in! I'll see you next week!




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