Outdoor Activities

Ah, Monday! Everyone's favorite day of the week, right? 😉

I hope you had a great week and practiced some self-forgiveness! This week I am going to talk about something I want you to practice at least monthly, weekly if possible. If it is something you're already doing then great! What is that thing? The Great Outdoors! A.K.A. something I haven't seen much of these past few weeks. When is it acceptable to take babies on hikes other than hikes around Target??

Week 6 - Dedicate at least one day per month (or more) to an outdoor activity.


Getting outside, be it in new outdoor environments or strolls around your neighborhood, can have wonderful health benefits. Regular outdoor activity can help with clarity and focus, it can ease depression and is great for overall mental health, it may help you sleep better, it's built in exercise, and it can even boost your immune system by improving your microbiome.


I recommend planning at least one day per month (or week, or more, if you have the time) to an outdoor activity. If you already spend a good amount of time outside, try planning a day where you go someplace new or try a new activity. What should you do?? Here are some things we enjoy doing:

I'd love to hear how you spend your time outside, leave it in the comments section and I'll be back next week!



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