Why You Should Avoid Industrial Seed Oils

According to Mark Sission, the two most important dietary changes we can make to improve our health are eliminating industrial seed oils and avoiding large blood glucose spikes.

Let's talk industrial seed oils. These oils include canola, peanut, corn, and soybean oil. They are dangerous to our health for a few different reasons.

First, unlike coconut, olive, and avocado oils which can be cold pressed, industrial seed oils are highly processed in the following manner:
1. Seeds are gathered and heated to extrememly high temperatures which oxidize them causing harmful byproducts.
2. Then, in order to maximize the oil extracted, they are processed with a petroleum-based solvent.
3. Finally, chemicals are used to deodorize the oils then MORE chemicals are added to improve color.
The end result is a highly processed, chemical laden, additive laden, nutrient-poor oil.

Industrial seed oils are also high in omega-6's. While omega-6 is an important fat, it must be balanced with our intake of omega-3's. While the exact balance is debated we do know that the Standard American Diet is extremely unbalanced with an excess consumption of omega-6 fatty acids, mostly from industrial seed oils. This imbalance leads to chronic inflammation and plays a significant role in the development of inflammatory diseases.

Finally, these oils are highly unstable and oxidze when exposed to heat and light. When this happens, trans fats and lipid peroxides are created. Trans fats play a role in heart disease and type 2 diabetes and lipid peroxides damage DNA, proteins, and membrane lipids in the body promoting aging and chronic disease.

Industrial seed oils have been linked to numerous health issues including diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowl syndrome, autoimmune diseases, PCOS, and infertility. This is why you will never find these oils in your Primal Nosh meals.💚
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