Be Happy - No Complaint Challenge


Join Primal Nosh and Mako Athletics for our Be Happy - No Complaint Challenge. 
How does it work?
Wear your bracelet and each time you complain, you have to switch it to the other arm. The goal is to make it 7 days in a row (or longer) without complaining. If you complain, you have to switch your bracelet and start over the next day - don't give up for that day though, practice makes perfect!
Why no complaints?
Shifting from to a more positive mindset by decreasing negative thoughts and words (complaining, criticizing, gossiping) leads to increased overall happiness and who doesn't want to be happier?
What qualifies as a complaint?
1. Gossiping - if it's something you wouldn't say directly to the person you are talking about.
2. Nonconstructive criticism.
3. Complaining - describing an event or person negatively without indicating next steps to fix the problem.
If you're not sure, you probably are, switch your bracelet.
How to get your bracelet:
If you would like to participate, we are giving out these bracelets FREE to the community. You can pick one up at the Primal Nosh Grab-N-Go location during open hours: Monday 10:30-6:30pm and Tuesday-Friday 10:30-2pm at 3810 Barrancas Ave. OR you can stop by Mako Athletics at 3355 Copter Rd. and get your bracelet there! Primal Nosh will also be offering bracelets for delivery to our customers. You do not have to be a Primal Nosh customer or Mako Athletics member to participate, just stop by and we'll give you a bracelet.
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