Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different meal sizes?

STANDARD portions: ~4-5 ounces protein, 1/2 - 1 cup carb - if applicable, 1/2 - 1 1/2 cups vegetable. These are typical or averaged sized meals. EXTRA PROTEIN Portions: 8 oz protein and a half extra serving of carbohydrate (if applicable) per meal. These are larger meals with extra protein.
LOW CARB Portions: Any rice, pasta, potato or other carbohydrates will be replaced with an extra serving of vegetables. These meals are low carb and lower calorie.
EXTRA PROTEIN PORTIONS: Come with double meat and an extra sauce on the side (if applicable).
**Macro information will be listed on the label for all Standard Portion meals. To view nutritional information prior to ordering, please click "Nutritional Info" under each menu item.

Do  you accomodate specific dietary needs / special requests?

ALL of our meals are gluten and soy free.

We offer a weekly variety of diary free meals.

At this time, we do not offer custom meals.

We can generally accomodate basic special requests (no pork, no corn or beans, no grains). For special requests, please leave a note for us at checkout.

What comes with the meal plans / Can I pick and choose my meals?

Meals are available to order in a plan or individually.

Meal Plans: Meal plans come with a chef selection of meals to fit the requirements of the meal plan. At this time we do not offer meal selection with our meal plans. We can generally accomodate basic special requests (no pork, no corn or beans, no grains). For special requests, please leave a note for us at checkout.
Al La Carte Meals: If you would like to pick and choose / mix and match your meals, you may order meals individually.

What is Keto?

Our Keto Meals, short for Ketogenic, are low carb, moderate protein, high-fat meals designed to put the body into a state of ketosis. Entering ketosis allows the body to run off of ketones produced by the liver.

When is the order deadline / When will my order be delivered / When can I pick my order up?

ORDER BY: A new menu is posted every Friday morning and is available to order from until 11:59pm the following Thursday.

DELIVERY: All orders placed by 11:59pm on Thursday will be delivered on Saturday evening for Crestview and Sunday for Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Cantonment, Pace, Milton, Perdido Key, and Lillian.

PICKUP: Orders placed for in-store pickup may be picked up Sunday from 12 - 4 pm and Monday from 11am - 5 pm at our main location at 3810 Barrancas Ave.

Please view our "Delivery Info" page for more information.

How will my meals arrive?

FOR LOCAL HOME DELIVERIES: All meals are delivered fresh, not frozen, on one of our refrigerated trucks in a paper bag or in a cooler bag with ice packs if not on a refrigerated truck. If you know you will not be home for delivery please leave a cooler out for us to place your meals in OR purchase a cooler at checkout. This will help to ensure they stay as fresh as possible.

Is there a minumum order amount?

Minimum order amount applies ONLY to orders for delivery in Niceville and there is a minimum order amount of $50.00.

There is no minimum or maximum order amount for Pensacola and surrounding areas.

How often do you change your menu?

In order to keep things interesting, we change our menu every week! We are always working to come up with new and exciting meals for our valued customers.

How long will my meals last once I receive them?

Most meals will last 5-7 days in the refrigerator or 4 weeks frozen (see next question). If you do not freeze your meals, please eat by the "Enjoy Date" on the label. Since our food is made fresh and without preservatives, sometimes a meal may go bad sooner than the recommended date. We suggest eating any seafood dishes at the beginning of the week to guarantee optimal freshness.

Can I freeze my meals?

For optimal freshness, flavor, and texture, we think it is best to avoid freezing meals but they may be frozen if needed. If you choose to freeze your meals we recommend wrapping them in plastic wrap to help prevent freezer burn. To defrost your meals, please leave them in the refrigerator overnight then heat according to the suggestion on the package.

What type of packaging is used for the meals?

All meals are packaged fresh in BPA free and microwave safe plastic containers.

How do I re-heat my meals?

All meals will be labeled with reheating instructions. For frozen meals, we recommend leaving you meal in the fridge overnight to defrost before re-heating.

Refund and Return Policy

Due to the nature of our product, we are unable to accept returns. If you are not satisfied with a meal please contact us and let us know. We like to do all we can to provide the best product to our customers and cannot fix problems we don't know about. Should you ever receive the wrong order or are missing part of your order, please contact us immediately and we will do all we can to correct the issue.


If there is ever an instance where bad weather is expected to strike we may decide to cancel and refund all orders for the week or move our delivery day. In any event where this may occur, you will be notified. If we choose to move delivery days, you will have the option to cancel your order. We thank you for your understanding!

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