Terms and Conditions

 I acknowledge that my order will be delivered in a refrigerated truck* and will be kept cold until delivery. I understand that it is my responsibility to either purchase a cooler for delivery or to leave my own cooler out for delivery should I not be home for my delivery**. 

I am aware that I will receive a text notification to the number used at checkout when my delivery is scheduled and when meals arrive. It is not the responsibility of Primal Nosh if my meals spoil or go bad due lack of prompt refrigeration after delivery. 

*A few of our quick routes are not made with our refrigerated trucks, any deliveries made without the use of the truck will automatically be upgraded to a cooler bag delivery with ice packs for no additional charge.
**If you would like to purchase a cooler bag or styrofoam cooler for delivery, you may do so later in the checkout process where you select your shipping method.
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