Tips for Your Whole30 Journey

My third favorite time of year! The first being any time I can be in the ocean and the second being the entire month of December so my third would be now, January, the time of new beginnings. Really, anytime is a good time to start over or to begin to better yourself but after a month - or three - of over indulgences, January is the go-to time for many of us to get our mess back together. If you are like me and many others, you like to dive in headfirst and start with a Whole30 or something of equivalence. After days, weeks, months or even a lifetime of poor eating habits, the start of a Whole30 can be a little rough. Here are some of my tips to help you get started and stay on track.

  • WATER. Make sure you are drinking lots of it. Find a water bottle you love, preferably a larger one because your going be filling it a lot, and keep it with you as often as you can. If you are using this time to break your soda habit, try out some soda water with a lemon, lime or other fruit added to it.
  • REMOVE TEMPTATION. One of the hardest parts of Whole30, for me anyway, is having temptations at home. If I’m really craving something and it is available to me there is a better chance I’m going to eat it, especially now with a 5 month old that never sleeps causing ever rising stress levels. Clean your pantry and fridge out of items that are not Whole30 approved or at least of items that you know might tempt you during your Whole30. If you have a lot of dry goods that you aren’t ready to part with or don’t want to waste, put them in a box and store them somewhere out of sight or donate them. Loaves and Fishes will always take extra food. If you have other family members that are not partaking in this journey with you, ask them if they can store their non-Whole30 snacks and treats somewhere other than the kitchen for the month and any refrigerated items in a drawer or bottom side panel. Try to remove, or at least hide, as much temptation as possible.
  • PLAN AHEAD. Plan your meals for the week and prepare them early if you can (or have some provided for you by Primal Pre-Made Nutrition J ). Having a plan is better than not having a plan, especially when it comes to changing your eating habits. I know in my house, if we don’t have meals planned or meals already prepared and it’s dinner time and we’re hungry and we have a baby to take care of, ANYTHING is fair game. It’s even worse if we still have to go to the grocery store! Sit down once a week and plan your meals for the week then use this to make a shopping list. Try to buy everything you will need in one trip, less trips to the grocery store = less temptation. If you have the time, prepare your lunches for the week, dinners too if you know you won’t want to do it once you get finished with a long day. Even if you don’t have the time to prep a bunch of meals for the week, knowing what you are going to have each day and having the ingredients ready and available is more of a time saver than you could imagine!
  • CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. Alright, I might get a little weird here but that’s ok. I read advice once to imagine how the food you eat effects the body and it was one of the best things I did for my eating habits. No, that salad doesn’t always sound good but while you’re eating it, imagine how your body is pulling nutrients from it and cleaning out your cells and your powering your day. That might not be EXACTLY how it works but imagining healthy foods doing amazing things to your body makes them a little more satisfying. Also, at least for me, imagining the harm or the complete lack of anything beneficial that junk foods provide makes it a little easier to say no to them.
  • FIND A HEALTHY DISTRACTION. If cravings are getting to you (don’t worry they should get better as your Whole30 continues) try to find something to distract yourself. Try reading a book, working on learning a new language, meditating, going for a walk, doing a puzzle or even something as simple as taking a few sips of water every time you feel the urge to eat when you’re not hungry. Try to avoid the TV or scrolling social media. Although snacking is discouraged during your Whole30, if you are truly hungry between meals, have a light snack but try not to snack every time you get a craving.


Do you have any tips for managing your Whole30? Share with us in the comments section below!

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