Week 4 Stress Relief

Take time to let it all out.

Today we are under more stress than ever yet most of us do not have a regular stress management strategy. Chronic stress is known to be damaging to the body, we are not designed to handle long-term, persistent stress. Chronic stress is linked to a number of ailments including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia, lowered immunity, and bowel problems. Chronic emotional stress can also make it difficult to focus and make decisions, lowers productivity, and can lead to depression and anxiety.
What can you do to reduce stress?
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Participate in moderate exercise
Are you noticing a trend yet? So far into your course the tasks you've been completing all help to accomplish not one goal, but many. Getting good sleeps helps to reduce stress. Focusing on positive mindset helps to reduce stress, improve sleep, and may even help you get to the gym a little more often. Moderate regular exercise helps you sleep better and reduces stress. Reducing stress helps you sleep better. All of them help improve overall health and all combined help to make each one on its own even more beneficial.
Wellness isn't as simple as eating the right foods and exercising occasionally. Sleep, regular movement, mindset, and a stress relief practice are all important factors in helping you to become your best self.
Stress relief practices you can try include:
  • Meditating
  • Deep breathing
  • Moderate/light exercise (heavy exercise, while beneficial, is actually a stressor)
  • Yoga
  • Visualizations (visualize yourself achieving your goals, relaxing on vacation, managing conflict, enjoying healthy meals, or anything that makes you feel good or helps you see a better future for yourself)
  • Listening to music
  • Reading
  • Taking time to be present in whatever you're doing
  • Body scans
  • Finding something to laugh at
  • Journaling
  • Start new hobby (drawing, singing, playing an instrument, painting rocks)

Click the task below to view your goal for this week. Remember, you'll be adding this to your tasks from previous weeks.

Daily Stress Relief Practice

This week your new task is to find 10-20 minutes per day to practice stress relief. You can choose from one of the practices listed above or create your own.
At this point you might start thinking, 'I don't have time for all this!' We assure you, you do! Many of these practices can be combined with your other tasks. You can increase your morning sunshine routine to 10-15 minutes and practice your daily intention setting followed by mediation - do that and you just killed three birds with one stone! You could take 15 minutes of your lunch break and do some moderate exercise - one part for movement complete and stress relief task complete! You can focus on remaining present while doing daily tasks or chores such as washing dishes, folding laundry, or driving to work - doing this will not require taking any additional time from your day. You can practice meditation, visualizations, or read in the 30 minutes prior to bed when you're putting down the screens. And, if you're still stuck, you can reach out to us and we can help!


Below you can print your goal tracking sheet for this week. Use this space under the Notes section to comment on any changes you notice and how your feeling. We recommend reviewing your sheet each morning to remind yourself of your tasks for the day.

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