Why We Should Eat Like Our Ancestors

Here at Primal Nosh, most of our recipes are structured around the paleo diet. I know the paleo diet sounds like another fad or marketing ploy, but it's actually not even a "diet" and has been proven to benefit the body in many ways. 

If we were to all have to resort to hunting and gathering our food, we would be in a world of trouble. In theory, a well rounded athlete would probably even have a tough time surviving. Let's be honest, we aren't cavemen and we aren't living in the Paleolithic days. Why are we supportive of eating a diet meant for the less evolved human race? Lets by saying that even though they didn't have the knowledge that we have today in nutrition and health, they did have survival. Without the resources we have today, they had no choice but to stay very active and eat nothing but pure and whole foods such as, meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, and anything else that was naturally produced. In the Paleolithic days, there were no such things as processed foods, artificial sweeteners, fat free foods, or foods that are shelf stable foods packed with preservatives. Our bodies were not biologically designed to strive on these chemically produced foods, so it doesn't make sense that we are encouraged by the media to survive on these foods today. 

Here at PN, we believe that by eating like our ancestors and living actively, our bodies can be used to their genetic potential and be in overall great health.

As hard as it is to admit, our generation is suffering from many problems such as: obesity, sickness, stress, diseases, and more health problems. The Food and Drug Administration are not doing much to help this epidemic, except give us false hope. Todays marketing is designed to lure the population into into next best weight loss drug or diet. Fueling the body with chemicals and depriving ourselves of nutritious whole foods is in turn hurting our bodies and welcoming sickness with open arms. 

Many people take the word "diet" and automatically assume it will be about starving yourself and/or taking away anything that appeals to your taste buds, but actually the paleo diet isn't about torturing the taste buds or restricting your food intake. The paleo diet is about eating foods that our bodies were genetically designed to recieve to help us reach optimal health. At PN, we like to think about long term health, and making it easy to eat healthy by providing you with the proper foods to maintain a healthy diet. 


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